Can Our Students Leverage The Power Of New Technologies To Enhance Learning?

The answer to this question “Can our students leverage the power of new technologies to enhance learning?” is “Yes”. Its reason is that this is an era of science and technology and technology has played a vital role to enhance learning. We can see a lot of tangible and intangible benefits of technology in the field of education. Nowadays, almost all the students, teachers, and institutions are using a lot of forms of technologies in order to enhance teaching-learning process. If you are not able to use technology for the learning process, then you can get help from the academic writing services. Our students can leverage the power of new technologies to enhance learning in the following ways;

1) Video streaming

We have frequently heard from the experts that a picture says thousands of words. On the other hand, a video is made up of a lot of pictures. Therefore, we can say that a video can say millions of words. Therefore, the usage of videos in the classroom is helpful for the teachers as well as students to create a clearer learning environment. The best tool to find out the best videos regarding your lesson is YouTube.

2) Play games

Due to a lot of enhancements in the field of technology, almost all the students spend a lot of time playing games on smartphones, iPads, and tablets. These games are helpful for the students to enhance their critical thinking power. Moreover, there are also a lot of educational games are also designed for the students. By playing these educational games, they can also enhance their learning abilities.

3) Social media

Nowadays, almost all the students have their accounts on the different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. The students can also use these social media sites for the learning process. For example, they can create a learning group on the Facebook by adding those students that are related to their subject area and interest. You can share a topic for discussion in this group by encouraging the other students to take part in this discussion.

4) Video conferencing

Video conferencing is an important technology that is helpful for the students to travel the world in their classrooms. With the help of video conferencing, you can interact with the guest lecturers. The video conferencing is also helpful for the students to make friends that are experts in your subject. You can make friends within the country or outside of the country.

5) Create a class blog or Wiki

You can encourage the students to take part in the classroom discussions and share your own thoughts, views, and experiences about a particular subject. For this reason, you can create a blog or Wiki for the classroom discussions. These Wikis or blogs are helpful for the students and teachers to get rid of the traditional teaching-learning techniques and enhance their learning abilities with the help of technology. These Wikis and blogs are also helpful for the teachers to get an idea about the academic work and achievements of the students.
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