The increasing ratio of suicide among university students in UK: Can thesis writing services be of any help?

In current stat scope, if we throw light upon the life of a regular university going student, we will be alarmed to know that a growing young student faces a diversity of problems in which he finds himself in a quagmire to deal with. Instead of talking specifically about a certain institution or a place, the channel of attaining the education is the same for all the students. For a growing person of teenage who is still not mature enough to make his own decisions, when exposed to such stringent modes of society where competition and anxiety await him; burdens of university or hostel expenses have been thrown upon his shoulders to earn degrees by burning his blood. He has to pass the routine suppressing his personal interests, then what results should be expected by a mere robot which follows the command of a society? He certainly needs some outlet to all his miseries and anxiety to perform his catharsis.

Similarly, if we talk in particular about the adverse situation of students in the universities of UK, it would be of utter astonishment to hear that around 15,395 students have committed suicide this decade during their university lives. It should similarly not amaze a competitive world where, in 2015, 134 students gave way their lives for they could not cope up with bitter realities of educational institutions. Some died because they could not afford the luxury to pay the hefty fees. Few were prone to the threat of miseries of unemployment, and some could not manage to adjust their lives in unexpected circumstances.

Now, in order to make it easier for a student to carry his professional life, it is necessary for him to engage himself into some other activities: be it co-curricular or extra-curricular or be it writing thesis or research papers. This will help him lower the burden of daily life. A literary term known as catharsis is what a student can do to flush out his depression in such a manner that can further be more productive to him. It is proposed that thesis writing or research writing can engage the student in one particular direction where he can focus on a specific topic for a long time. For their higher lengths, one can write for a longer time by focusing on a single topic of his own choice. It is not necessary that the thesis or research topic should be class assigned, but one can write and do research on such vast topics with the help of which he will be more aware of something and analytical simultaneously.

Hence, Research writing or Thesis Writing not only help a student to distract himself from depressions, but they also help him to improve academically in an extensive manner. Students who like to write would find it easy to create an outlet for the social pressure and future anxieties, and it’s the best way to help the students benefit themselves productively.
Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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