How To Avoid Vagueness In Academic Writing

It is one of the most important qualities of an academic paper that it should be accurate and precise from all the aspects. The lack of accuracy and preciseness in an academic writing is known as vagueness in academic writing. The most common types of vagueness in academic writing are too informal language, too unsophisticated content, too vague, too exaggerated, generally incorrect and unnecessary words or sentences. If you are not able to avoid vagueness in your academic writing, then you can get help from the academic writing services. On the other hand, if there is a lot of vagueness in an academic paper, then you will never be able to get the best grades. Here, we will provide some essential tips for the students that are helpful for them to avoid vagueness in academic writing.
1) Keep your sentences short

Most of the students use a lot of long sentences in their academic writing and due to these long sentences, there is a possibility of occurring the vagueness. Therefore, you should try to keep the sentences short and precise. You can use the short sentences in your academic writing by reading the sentences aloud, by breaking the long thoughts into smaller sentences, by avoiding wordiness, and by avoiding clusters. Moreover, if there are a lot of points of your academic paper, then breaking them into a list is also an important way to keep your sentences short.

2) Avoid using vague nouns

When you are going to use prepositional phrases in your academic paper, then there is a possibility of using such nouns which can lead to wordiness. There is no need to use such kind of vague nouns in your academic writing. The vaguest nouns are the area, factor, situation, consideration, and degree. For example, if you use a sentence “The demands of consumers are increasing in the area of services.”, then this sentence will be considered as vague. Its precise version is “Consumers are insisting on more services”.

3) Beware of ambiguity

The main aim of writing an academic paper is to express your thoughts and ideas in a clear way. On the other hand, if you have used your thoughts and ideas in an academic paper in an ambiguous way, then your academic paper will not be understandable to the audience. Therefore, you should try to beware of ambiguity in your academic writing. You can get rid of ambiguity in an academic writing by working together, by restricting yourself towards the main theme of the topic, and by following up in writing.

4) Use the credible resources

To write down any kind of an academic paper, you will have to gather the data from the different resources. These resources should be credible. Its main reason is that these credible resources can become a cause of bolstering your arguments and connecting your research from the writers to the readers. In these credible resources, there comes library books. If you are going to gather the data from the online resources, then you should try to visit the .org, .gov, and .edu sites.
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