Effective Project Management Tools to Use for Group Assignments

Project Management Tools
Project managing is always considered difficult and complex because of more time consumption and inefficiency. You not only have to create plans once you keep on planning and altering them again and again on the basis of testing. During implementation when some plan fails or does not suit you have to immediately prepare another plan for it. Not only this you have to make so many spreadsheets but you have to continuously update them. But thanks to technology which has provided the solution for this problem also. There are many project management tools and software designed to have a complete overview of the project in one look.

The Project management software is a tool that helps in making plans for a project, making schedules, allocating resources, controlling budgets, managing and ensuring quality, and documenting every step and procedure. It is a platform that allows collaboration between all stakeholders of a project. As told by experts of an assignment writing service, a good project management software must contain five basic elements regarding its functionality so that decisions made on the basis of these tools are efficient and worth helping. It must contain the feature of assigning and updating the tasks’ status. It must have calendars, schedules or milestone tools to create schedules and meetings and set deadlines and understand where a task fits into the project and how much time is required for completing it.

It must support File sharing so that everyone can share and organize the important documents at one place and they are easily accessible to every team member. This reduces the time being wasted in searching for files. Communication support is the core feature that is demanded essentially. A project managing tool should offer a smooth flow of communication for quick and easy problem solving. Reporting is the fifth essential feature that a project management tool must contain. This feature is necessary to show the progress of the project and every task. In this article, we have compiled a list of some useful tools for project management and their key aspects. Let’s have a look at their description and review.

It is the most popular and most widely used tool for project management.
  • Pros: The unique features offered by this software are designated discussion areas, shows the recap, status and updates of a project through emails, search tool for locating files and conversation, and participation in a discussion through email.
  • Cons: It does not include milestones and customization options. You can’t set a projected time period for a task.
  • Price: It charges $99 monthly for businesses but it is available free of cost for teachers and students.

Teamwork Projects:
  • Features: It helps to track the development of a project. It consists of milestones, file storing and sharing, task management, calendar, charts, reporting, messaging, and time tracking. Teamwork projects support file management with google drive, box.com and dropbox.
  • Price: It costs between $69 per month to $269 per month

Proof Hub:
  • Features: It is a very simple online project management app designed especially for small and growing businesses. It offers project assigning, designing, sharing and editing. You can create custom roles for creating Gantt charts. It also helps in managing tasks and files, workflows and boards, reporting, tracking of time, discussions and calendar. You can chat with team members, and take notes with in-app notifications.
  • Pricing: It price ranges from $45 per month to $99 per month. This price depends on the number of projects and storage required.

Zoho Projects:
  • Features: This is a very user friendly software for project management. It offers assistance in project planning, creating Gantt Charts, reporting, collaboration among team members, and file management. It is also unified with many other tools like dropbox, and google drive.
  • Price: It has four different pricing plans. It offers a free plan for one project with 10 MB storage, express plan at the price of €25 per month, enterprise plan at €80 per month and premium plan costing €50 per month.

  • Features: Nifty is a project management software that focuses primarily on time and team productivity by decreasing project development cycles. It offers task management; Google integrated calendars, Kanban and list view, file sharing, cross departmental collaboration and discussion,
  • Price: It costs $39 per month for 10 team members plan, $79 per month for 25 team members plan and $124 per month for 50 team members plan. You can add guests and clients in each plan without any charges.

Before choosing any software for your projects consider and compare its features and check whether it is compatible with the size of your business and team
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