The Importance of Planning the Dissertation Writing Task

Dissertation is among the most important academic activities in a student’ academic life so it is possible that you might find it scary or the most difficult thing in your academia. Believe me this is not as difficult as you have perceived it!
You just need to make a plan and follow it. You must have heard that a good plan is half way to the success but it needs to be followed with a good strategy. So this is time to make a plan of your dissertation writing journey. It will help you to stay focus and perform other important tasks alongside without getting interpreted in your research activities. These are a few key points that you need to consider while developing your dissertation writing plan;

Choose Research Area

Here, you might have a question that your field of study is your research area then what does it mean by ‘choosing research area’. It means to specify the topic of research that is technically called the area of research. Here you further need to go into depth of the fields, for instance you are marketing student and you have to choose a topic from the field of marketing so here you have to see the areas of your interest in marketing i.e. branding, Customer relations, sales etc. For this purpose you would have to study a lot and this must be the part of your pre-planned activities of making plan.

Choose Research Title

Your plan of research writing must include that what would be your research title as many students aim to conduct a research on customer relations but this particular topic has plenty of dimensions so choose the one of your interest or current issue. Title of research must be chosen wisely and rationally because your research title is approved by you supervisor you would not be able to change it. Here things to consider are the level of specification because too broad topic or research topic with many variables and dimension may distracts you and results in biased findings. Further a new topic may lead to lack of secondary data that will result in a tension!

Choose a Research Approach

This also must be a part of your planning that what approach you would be using for your chosen research title to get expected outcomes of your efforts in studies. Here, approach means can be the approach of writing and also the methodologies of researcher or also can be the type of research you would undergo like a qualitative or quantitative. This must be chosen with consideration of your skills and previous experiences as a student who is not good in content analysis or qualitative approach goes for qualitative research approach may be get frustrated during the process of analysis. So prevent yourself by taking rational decisions during the process of dissertation planning.

I hope, now you have understood the importance of planning before start writing your dissertation after taking a few steps like research area selection. Planning will help you to prevent yourself from future tensions and adopt most suitable tactics during research.
Albert Barkley

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