Coronavirus Leaves No Choice But To Cancel Exam In Universities

Cancel Exam In Universities
Coronavirus is spreading in all around the world. Undeniably, it has affected to 198 countries. Approximately, 19,200 people have lost their lives due to this deadly disease. Iran, United Kingdom, Italy, China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Japan and the U.S are locked down. Not only the educational system but the economic system of these countries has also been damaged. The international economic position is also exceptionally effected by Coronavirus. Muslim or non-Muslim are worried due to this disease. School, colleges and universities have been closed. No one knows what will be the future of a sick person. Doctors don’t declare when this disease will finish. Most of the students are now surfing the internet to buy dissertation online to complete their semester staying at their homes. However, this news is surrounding in the big countries that coronavirus leaves no choice but to cancel the exam in universities.

Attending universities is not a fine experience for all the students. Yes, of course, it has been overwhelmed for all the students. But leaving universities for a long time is also disorientating for all the students. In that final process where students were preparing for their exams, they have to face this critical situation. Universities have no option but to postpone the exams of the students. Dropping out of the university due to coronavirus is a disruptive period for all the students. But universities will not reopen until this critical situation will be controlled. Most students have shared their views and thoughts that they were doing hard work from the last two years for getting good grades. They also said that they have spent a large amount of time to their study but this critical situation has spoiled their plans.

Coronavirus has an outbreak during the exams seasons. Therefore, colleges, universities and schools have to postpone their exams. The educators have suggested ways to control this critical situation and continue the education journey of the students. By following these two ways, not only the United Kingdom but all other countries can continue their education process. The first suitable method is the online assessment process. If universities want to continue their educational journey and don’t want to promote to the children without proper assessment then they should start to the online assessment process. This method is quite suitable and effective. In this process, universities can save to the health of the students. As we know that coronavirus spreads due to the social distance.

It is also a big fact that there is no solid vaccine or medicine of this deadly disease. According to the World Health Organization, America can become the second home of the Coronavirus. Therefore, it is most essential to stay home for the people to secure their lives. If people will not stay at homes then the circumstances can be bad. So, the most effective method of the online examination should be started by the universities. Universities should follow some rules and regulation for the examination process. Along with that, they should introduce some new applications that are secure and effective to take the examination of the students. Through advanced technology and new applications, the process of examination can be completed. Otherwise, there is no choice to cancel the exams of the students.

The second method is the restart of the educational journey and writing personal blogs. It means that after the extermination of this bad disease the universities will be reopened. In this reopen process, universities should follow some rules and regulations. By following these rules and regulation, students can be able to get their degrees. However, these laws should be different from the traditional method of examination. Maybe this process fast or slow but the student's rights will not be finished. To conclude, we can say that in the current situation, coronavirus leaves no choice but to cancel the exam in universities. However, in the future, this process can be restarted with new rules and regulations. Universities managers should understand their responsibilities and should consider special and clear ways to formulate the future of the students. Examination process can be completed with proper arrangement and planning. However, the marking process of the students’ degrees should be limited.
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