The Role Of University In A Student’s Life

Universities are the social institutions that have to perform a basic role in the transformation and development of societies. From these institutions, the individuals are trained with and transmitted the essential rational knowledge to modernize and democratize the society, customs and morals which are required for a stable and well-organized society and the societies may be able to solve different social, economical, and ethical problems properly. These institutions also ensure the welfare and progress of a country, nation or society by educating and training its citizens with recommended values and knowledge.

The renowned universities plan and implement their masters dissertation writing help programs at higher level to train the students to meet the challenges of their practical life. They are trained in different disciplines such as scientific, technological and cultural to award them academic excellence in their selected fields. In this way, they can be able to prove them good and responsible citizens and contribute their share in social and economic development of their country.

The universities should be more responsible about providing access their students to the most update and latest social sciences along with research and doing practicals about different learned subjects. With the help of different aspects of their academic life, the students may be able to fully understand their past, present and will have a mind map for future. The universities should set clear aims before the students to be achieved at the end of each academic session. To check their knowledge, they should be assigned weekly or monthly assignments, short-term essays and for the final stage, a dissertation or thesis should be the criteria to judge their comprehension of the selected field.

The university can play the following roles in a student’s life:
1. The students are provided theoretical and applied knowledge to be learned and implemented in practical life.
2. The concentration should be more on practical rather than theoretical knowledge, so that the students can actually perform well in their practical life.
3. The universities should enhance the abilities of creativity and reflection rather than mere cramming.
4. Finally, the universities should encourage the students to have their own viewpoint about certain social and political issues to perform their role in society as a responsible citizen.

Above all, the universities can play a vital role to make the individuals and society well-disciplined, cultured and progressive.

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