How to motivate yourself to write perfect College Essay when you are stuck

The college essay is a written work that shows, character, qualities and perseverance. Honestly, throughout most of high school and college, I was a perfect essay writer. I can write a perfect essay in one an hour. I know personally how boring writing an essay can be, and how hard it can be to write a good one. 

Here are some tips you should follow to motivate yourself to write a perfect essay while you are stuck.

Your essay is just a story

Every story is about conflict and change, and the truth is that essays are about conflict and change too. You should write your college essay as a story. The essay describes a reality while a story explains our ideas. That means the perfect essays are about surprises and ideas. 

Before you start writing, ask yourself, “How can I have the most fun writing this?” 

It is normal to feel unmotivated when writing an essay. I am a writer and honestly, I feel unmotivated to write all the time. However, I have a super mind trick, I like to use to help motive myself. One of the interesting about your subconscious is to ask yourself. So when you feel unmotivated to write a perfect essay, ask yourself the following question: 

How can I finish as quickly as possible? 

Think about the subject and get some break 

You should think about your favourite subject. After deciding your subject, you should get some break. Get out your bed, go for a walk, head to the kitchen, and find something to eat or just do some random activity. One of the basic things is to get out of the current mode and get some break. 

Speak up your mind

It is rightly said that thinking can solve millions of issues. So, if you are not able to start your essay. Find a person to talk about your essay. The person he/she should be able to understand the issue you are facing with your paper. 

Borrow your previous Thoughts

Sometimes an empty page is the source of discouragement for a few people. If you are among those students, you get inspiration from your own essays that you submitted previously. The inspiration could be anything such as the outline or a few sentences. Make sure that you do not copy the content as it is because some colleges do not allow it. 

Take everything ONE-step at a time

You are going to need to brainstorm, construct a hypothesis, begin writing, edit, and finally analyze your result. These five steps are going to be crucial to taking everything one-steps at a time. Never look forward in the process. One of my favourite professors once told me, “Writing is an experiment where nothing is certain. “ This is my favourite quote, because, it has taught me to take things slow and just keep writing. 

You are going to need time and you are going to allow yourself to open your mind and begin thinking about writing a perfect essay.
Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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