Best tips on creating an interesting and compelling topic for an essay

A topic is a particular idea that serves as the subject of an essay and speech. The topic of an essay can be expressed in topic sentences. An essay topic should be narrow enough so that you can write about it within your page limit. An essay is a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument and idea. A topic of an essay comes at the beginning of a paragraph and lets your reader know what to expect from each paragraph. 

Here are some best tips on creating an interesting and compelling topic for an essay.

Choose something interesting.

You should choose something interesting for an essay. If you could not find anything that interests you, try searching for a topic that looks more interesting than others do. Your enthusiasm will show a powerful topic for an essay. You can create an interesting topic just because of enthusiasm and passion in the writing of an essay.

Create something you know about.

Do not try to take on a massive project. You should choose something you know to write. It will make easy your process of creating a topic for an essay. If you have more information about your topic, it will easy to choose a topic.

Analyze the chosen topic.

You should analyse the chosen topic is broad or narrow. A broad topic does not provide you with particular information about what you need to write. A narrow topic provides you with all the information you want to write in an essay.


Brainstorm on the ideas for the topic of an essay. Write a list of ideas you have to write that interest you. You should open a dictionary and write down the interesting and compelling word for your topic. Just be creative and think out of the box. Write down anything that pops into your head and keeps writing until you have a good list. Get a new sheet of paper and start brainstorming the idea?

Ask a teacher, advisor or look online.

Ask a teacher, advisor or look online for some guidance or ideas on what to choose. They will help you in creating interesting and compelling topics for an essay. You can check online material related to your topic.

Re-use a topic.

You may be able to use sections of what you wrote before or re-use the research. You should think about the re-use of a topic. If you wrote an essay about a historical event, you can write a new one about the popularity of soccer in a country. Be careful with this method of writing a historic event. If the essay will use in a different school, it might works. If the essay is something such as “my views on leadership” for a college, it can paste and re-use. Take the most basic idea and run with it. If you are interested in the essay topic, the essay will almost write itself.

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