How Your Volunteer Experience Increases the Chances of Getting Your Dream Job

Volunteer Experience
There is a misconception going around among students and their parents that volunteering work sometimes keeps you away from your education on daily basis and you lose marks and grades in the long term. This is a little unfair. Volunteering experience only has pros and there hardly any practical cons of getting enrolled as a volunteer. Some long and short term benefits of having volunteering experience are:
  • When you volunteer anywhere in any project or any firm, you learn so much. You learn to be more patient, you learn to work in teams and you learn group work. Not only that, you sometimes get to lead a team, you get responsibilities to fulfill and there are things depending on you. You become an important part of something where you are not getting money and you are still contributing your efforts.
  • Volunteer experience gives you the taste of practical life. The busy routine between college, homework or assignment writing, then work, everything is making you a better person and everyday you gain something and improve something about yourself.
  • When you have worked during your education period, you already know how it feels like to work somewhere so your confidence will be at its best when you finally walk in somewhere you want to be working with your CV.
  • You will have relevant experience in the field of your dream job.
  • If you gain enough experience as a volunteer and do several projects, you can add it to your CV as it adds a lot of weight in the CV. It makes you look responsible and professional and you already have working experience.
  • Assignment writing is not practical work and it doesn’t prepare you for anything, there are many other ways to get full marks but no one can gain experience for you and give it to you later when you need it.
  • When you work and study together, you can easily do your academics because those are the things you are doing practically at work and vice versa.
  • Volunteer experience can be gained in order to find out which field you would like to see yourself in the next few years. You can do several projects to see which sort of work suits you, which type of work you enjoyed the most and which is the work you are practically good at. It is not necessary that you enjoy something that you are good at, you might love literature but you are really good at Math and what better way to find that out than trying your hand at volunteering.

So it is about time we start taking practical steps other than assignment writing service towards a better future and start using the time and opportunity that we get along the way while we have time and stamina to do so. It is very disappointing to not have any experience on your CV when you walk in for an interview.
Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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