How to Write an Analysis of a Movie

How to Write an Analysis
In the colleges and universities, commonly students of mass media and communicated are supposed to do a lot of research and other works that related to media and social media. Sometimes they are supposed to write and create any story, play or tragic drama and so on. Sometimes they perform dramas as actors and actresses for the sake of completing their assignments and getting good marks in their practical works. For this purpose they are supposed to write drama, select character to perform it, setting for performance, place of performance and things that are used in it like; camera, props, costumes and so on. Most importantly, they are supposed to collect feedbacks of the audiences accordingly. Sometimes students are supposed to conduct interviews, seminars, conferences and much more.

Ultimately, if you are working on a project you are supposed to perform it by conducting things related to it like; interviews which you can easily get conducted by lab report writing services. While if you are working on the writing stuff you need to be very conscious about your language, and language should be used according to the dialect and register for the specific field of that area. Your write-up should relate to reference to the context. To write the analysis of a movie you need to be very active. Writing the review of a movie or analyzing it, is far much different from writing an essay or assignment. There are different phases and steps that are to be followed by students to write the analysis of a movie with reference to the context.

First of all, you are invented to watch a movie than jot-down all the main ideas, important points, events and focal issues or conflicts from it. Watch the movie again and evaluate your points also add more information. After that write a brief summary of the movie that you have seen. Secondly, whilst watching the movie observes it from the social, political, religious, cultural, traditional and economic perspectives. Also check that whether it is satire on the society or related to irony. Check either literary devices are used in it or not? Thirdly, write about each and every thing related to the introduction of the movie in the very first chapter of the analysis and name it as an introduction. You can add some history, name of director, producer, actors and other characters in it.

Next step is to write about the setting of the movie, it’s weather, seasons, moods and atmosphere. Also write about the characteristics of the characters that what types of their behaviors are? Whether they are flat or round characters? Who are the protagonist and antagonist? What are the important roles of people in the society, especially the role of the protagonist? What kind of works they are doing and what are the purposes of their life? In the end, you are supposed to write down the conclusion of the movie, according to your personal thinking about the movie, it could be positive or negative. And also motivate the students through logical arguments to watch that movie. Finally, these were some points to analyze the movie with respect to its context.
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