The World’s Worst Education Advice

Education Advice
Advice is just like an option and everyone have their own advice and are free to give it to others. However, it is up to the other people to know if they should take that advice or not depending on their situation and the type of advice they are getting. Some people are in a bad habit of advising others whether they need it or not and even go to the extent of proving that what a good piece of advice they are giving.

On the other hand, there are some people who are really good and give advice which makes sense and helps others. But in the end, it is up to the students to understand if they really need that advice and work on it or just do what they feel is the best in that particular event or time. Students have choice to buy dissertations online. No matter in which part of the world the students live or study, they need some good advice from their family, friends and sometimes even friends on what to do and how to work on their papers and assignments so that they can do well in their class and enjoy success. But it is important to know that the advice must be good enough to help them and not land them in trouble. Here is the world’s worst education advice that has been given to students by some to help them differentiate between good and bad and make the right choice.

The worst education advice that has been given to students is that they should keep on doing their work whether they are being appreciated by their teachers or not because in the end, their hard work will be recognized. This is the worst advice one could have given them as the students need teachers’ guidance and help when it comes to working hard in the class and achieving their goals. If they are working in the wrong direction or the wrong way, they must stop and correct themselves by seeking teachers’ help. If they keep on doing what they like or how they like it, they are not only losing precious time but also precious grades and marks that could help them enjoy their careers the right way.

It is necessary for the students to know that their good grades and marks depend on teachers and they can only get good marks if they are doing well in the class, especially just as the teachers expect them to. While the teachers might not say anything to them when they are working in the class because they have too much load on them to pinpoint every student; yet when it comes to final assessment and awarding the degrees to students, the teachers take a very strict stance for educational hacks and only pass those students who have been working hard all round the year, followed their advice and did well in the class.

Thus, the students need to know that the world’s worse advice to do what they like in the class and how they want to do things can cost them their career and future.
Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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